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by Vasundhara Mohan
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Since 1985 the Soviet Union has been experiencing a second Revolution : a rEvolution of a different kind than that of 1918. There have been phenomenal changes in the Soviet society, politics and Government. The Communist Party Of Soviet Union which held undisputed sway over every aspect of the Soviet Union has lost its position of pre-eminence and a multi – party system has almost come into existence. While these changes could never have been thought of before 1985, the one man who took the world band even the Soviet Society by surprise is Mikhail Gorbachev, the General Secretary of the CPSU since March 1985, who later became the President too.

When Gorbachev started reforms, the Soviet critics termed them a propaganda; they said the reforms would meet the same fate as those attempted earlier by Kruschev, Kosygin and others. But Gorbachev proved them wrong and even President Reagan had to take back his words.

Gorbachev’s major achievement has been in the field of Foreign policy, particularly in establishing a rapport with the US and in pursuing arms – reduction talks leading to the INF Treaty. Democratization of the Soviet Society, openness and ushering in a Rule of Law were the prerequisites that Gorbachev had to achieve before the INF Treaty was signed.

In this compilation Dr(Mrs) V.Mohan and Dr A.G.Modak of the Centre of Soviet Studies, University of Bombay, have examined the reforms introduced by Gorbachev since his coming into power and his achievements at the four summits with the US President, they also study the steps taken by Gorbachev at de-Brezhnevisation and compare the points of similarity in the efforts made by Gorbachev and Krushchev to reform and modernize the Soviet society.

Several other changes have taken place in the Soviet Union, since these articles were written. But the papers that go into this compilation give readers the background in a nut-shell and help in understanding the further changes in the right perspective.

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