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by Dr. G.S. Ghair
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This  book “ THE QUEST FOR THE ORIGINAL GITA”  is not just another verse by verse commentary on the Gita nor is it essentially a philosophical examination and interpretation of its message, though it certainly does contribute, in a very vital way, to such an understanding. It is the author’s view that many an earnest student of the Gita is confused by a certain multiplicity of concepts and the advocacy of different paths in different portions of the Gita, while what he expects is a simple central message, as one might expect from a single, organized treaties on a single theme. It is Dr Khair’s thesis that the situation arises from the fact that the Gita was written not by one but at least three authors who wrote at different periods, their respective portions reflecting the conditions and ideas of and the tasks set by their respective ages.

Dr. G.S.Khair’s somewhat controversial view of the widely accepted and believed version of the Gita is likely to be  disputed. However the Bhagvad Gita has perhaps, as many interpretations as its readers and it is this unique feature of individualistic interpretation of this work which has given the Bhagvad Gita the lofty position of an immortal classic. This book will find a place among the many standard works available on the Gita.

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