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by Dr. R.K. Keni
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Dr. Ramakant.K.Keni, M.Sc. in Medicine, is the Chief of the Department of Parapsychology in the Bomabay Hospital Medical Research Centre since 1975.

His fame comes from his unique psychic healing powers. He has on record more than 1,28,893 authenticated cases of psychic healing from various parts of the world.

He has authored six books on the subject, two of which have been translated in other languages.  ‘Psychic Healing” has been included in the Soviet National Library, with a reference in the USSR Government Bulletin. Dr Keni’s interview has appeared in 282 publications in India and overseas.

He was specially invited by the Florida Psychical Research Foundation in 1988 to tour the United States and give a series of demonstrations and talks on Psychic Healing, as he did throughout Germany in 1986 and thereafter again in 1987, when the Deuche Psychiatric University honoured Him with a Ph.D.

‘Dr Keni’s book is not only thought – provoking but also a scientifically documented thesis. He has Successfully proved that the so called unscientific subject like Psychic Healing, which is known in Germany as Social Energy, is a perfect therapy to treat disharmony and disease.” – Prof. Gunter Ammon – Professor of Medicine, Founder of Dynamic Psychiatry – Germany.

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