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by Fr.Felix Machado
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Man is a creation of God. To some extent he is like the other creations of God because food, sleep, fear and sensual desire are common to man, animals and birds. His life is also similar to the life of even the lower species or that of vegetation as far as the stages of birth, existence, growth, change, decay and death are concerned.

Still there exists a difference between man and the rest of the world. In the moments of indescribable joy or deep sorrow he experiences oneness with Nature. When he feels happy the cool breeze, the little drops of rain, the flowing waters of rivers all as though sing for him the song of joy and his heart beats to the rhythm of the music in Nature. When he feels sad, lonely and forsaken, the infinity of darkness at night, the twinkling stars and the digit of the moon soothe him, sing for him a song which lulls him to sleep so that he may dream a bright dawn. Even though he is at the centre of Creation, man experiences that he is not complete in himself. The pursuit of wealth, all the moments of happiness which the wealth brings unto him, the power of the status he enjoys that his intellect brings unto him, possessions - house, money, gold, pearls, gems and vehicles - all that is worthy to be gained appear to be the fleeting sources of still more fleeting joy. All his relations even those who are considered to be the most intimate fail to pour on him incessant joy. Still the desire for more is never quenched. Man follows ‘the trodden path and is bound by the chain which surprisingly enough keeps him busy throughout his life. He always thinks in terms of ‘What next?’ What next should I achieve?’

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