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by Dr. Kala Acharya
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The Book “FULLNESS OF LIFE”  comprises a selection of research papers presented by scholars in the International Interfaith Dialogue Seminar on the theme Mysticism : Fullness Of Life” which was held at Venice from 5th to 7th May 2008. The Seminar was organized on the auspicious occasion of the ninetieth birthday of Rev. Raimon Panikker.

Prof. Raimon Panikker’s contribution to Philosophy, Theology and Interfaith Dialogue is unique. The Book will help readers explore depths of Mysticism,Philosophy and Panikker’s wealth of thought.  The writings which follow describe the path, diverse and therefore unique, unique as each man is, towards the Self. The type of language used also differs because the traditions in which the mystical experiences are described are different from each other.The yearning which has always urged man towards self- knowledge to discover that he is nothing but the Self, which is the Mystery Of Life.

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