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by Ritwik Sanyal
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The work spans the diversity of musical theory and practice by means of a definition of ‘music’ and a gradation of it into seven kinds. The author hit upon such a definition as a result of insights his Gurus gave him into musical concepts and Sanskrit syntax, into the techniques of creating structures of beauty in music, into explanatory concepts in philosophical methods, and into anti – music and new music. The definition is based on the process of interaction between the participation in the process of musical communication. Dr Sanyal calls it the exiological definition: it correlates the six elements of what he terms axiological set with the cases of the syntactics and semantics of the Sanskrit language and contrasting these with other classical value systems.

The authors’ presentation is grounded in the sastric traditions of India Culture. His extensive analysis of Western aesthetic theory have, however, resulted in all attractive synthesis that will not limit his audience to members of his own culture. At the same time his expertise and concern for musical praxis prevents the study from falling into purely theoretical or speculative arguments.

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